Dr. Cassandra Brown DVM

Dr. Cassandra Brown, DVM

A personal Note from Dr. Cassandra Brown.

Hello I am Cassandra Brown, DVM. I am the founder, owner, and veterinarian for Pawsitive Angels LLC. My journey to this point started long before I can even remember. My family has told me that I have always wanted to be a veterinarian. I have always wanted to help animals. I grew up locally caring for my family’s dogs, cats, horses and cattle.

Following my high school graduation, I attended CSU to earn a B.S. in Equine Science, and my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. In my final year as a veterinary student, I took an acupuncture course to become certified in animal acupuncture. A few months after graduating vet school I attended Options for Animals to gain knowledge and how to perform animal chiropractic adjustments. Since graduation from vet school I have been practicing veterinary medicine on large and small animals. During this time, I have learned many things, one of those being that a time to truly help animals is at the end of their journey. It may be a very sad or difficult time, but it is important to allow them to have a quiet, peaceful end-of-life journey with as little fear as possible. There are other times to help animals as well; keeping them healthy, managing chronic pain or disease, and most importantly maintaining a great quality of life. I started Pawsitive Angels to provide these services at your doorstep in hopes of reducing the stress, strain and fear associated with “going to the vet”. I look forward to working with you to be a part of your animal’s health care team and family.

In my personal time, I try to enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather and outdoors. I enjoy hiking, riding my horses, jeeping, camping, and seeing the beautiful mountain scenery. Family is and has also been very important to me. I enjoy spending time with my family, and I am still helping my family on the family farm/ranch. Another hobby I do not seem to have time for any more is reading books. Books are still a source of enjoyment, I have just changed to listening to them on audio. I have found that my personal time is critical to me having compassion, allowing me to be the best veterinarian I can be. Work life balance is critical and extremely important for my patients, my clients, and me.